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Sơn chống tĩnh điện Unipoxy Anti-Static
Sơn chống tĩnh điện Unipoxy Anti-Static

This Specification is applied ANTIDUST, ANTISTATIC epoxy floor coating declared on the
drawing. As this product is a two-component, polyamide cured epoxy resin based paint
with excellent resistance to water, chemical, abrasion and impact and antistatic effect, it is
applied with KCC or another product above equality after submitting samples and gaining
the approval of the inspector.
A. Recommended Use
1. Floor of clean room, pharmaceutical factory and surgical operation room.
2. Place handling flammable gas, chemicals, organic solvent.
3. Floor of electric, computer and semi conductor industries.
4. Place requested anti-dust and anti-static effect.
B. Application
1. Surface Preparation
(1) Concrete must be cured at least 30 days at 20℃/68℉ and below 85% R.H.
(2) Remove any oil and grease from surface to be coated. Surface must be grinded
or abrasive blasted to remove laitance and other impurities.
(3) Optimum pH value is 7~9 (Moisture content of the concrete surface must be
below 6%)
(4) Fill up a gap or groove with a UNIPOXY PUTTY, The portion where the crack is
serious need to be repaired with a epoxy resin mortar and in the case of new
construction joint after coating need to be cut and sealed with a PU9330(N).
(5) If wall is close to floor, do v-cutting the edge of the region.
(6) Pay attention to secure substrate smoothness because substrate smoothness is
an important element of anti-static performance.
2. Application Details
Items Product Name
Method of
Color Remarks
Primer UNIPOXY Primer 100 50μ B.R.S Clear
Primer for reinforcing
the substrate intensity
and improving adhesion

All Color
Self leveling flooring
paint with excellent
chemical resistance,
mechanical property,
abrasion resistance,
impact resistance

* Remarks -application of UNIPOXY LINNING at winter condition*
– When working at winter, close the outside wind or you will have coating defect
– The minimum work temperature must be above 5℃ (substrate temperature)
– If you work below 5℃ of substrate, you will have leveling defectiveness,
alligatoring, amine blushing and wrinkle
– UNIPOXY LINNING is low viscosity type paint at winter ,therefore you don’t have
to use thinner
– If you use thinner at winter, you will have alligatoring, amine blushing and
– Before using UNIPOXY LINNING, you keep UNIPOXY LINNING for minimum 24
hours in the condition where keep warm the above 5℃
(If you keep UNIPOXY LINNING below 5℃, the viscosity of UNIPOXY LINNING
is high and you will work difficultly)
(3) Topcoat
– After curing middle coat for minimum 16 hours, it mixes a base and a curing
agent with bulk ratio 3:1 and apply 2 times with 50 microns dry film thickness.
– Coat the paint with the air spray certainly in order to get good appearance and
the electrical resistance which is provided.
– At this time recoating interval is minimum 24 hours at 20℃/68℉. If necessary,
thin a paint with UNIPOXY THINNER to the maximum 10% by volume.
(1) Optimum temperatures in application and curing is above 5℃.
Surface temperatures must be at least 3℃(37.4℉) above dew point to prevent
(2) Mix thoroughly together for 4~5minutes with high speed hand mixer (RPM 1,000
~1,500) before application according to mixing ratio indicated.
(3) Do not use the thinner at Middle coat UNIPOXY LINNING. If the coating is thinned
with the thinner, the coating is occurred the physical properties decrease and
curing defectiveness
(4) Do not apply UNIPOXY LINNING below 5℃ of substrate temperature
(5) Middle coat UNIPOXY LINNING can be occurred amine blushing at condition of
below 10℃, at this time, do not pollute water, ice, snow, rain and dew.
If coating occurred amine blushing is polluted with water, coating color is
changed with whiteness
(6) If Middle coat UNIPOXY LINNING is used at above of 30℃, curing speed will
comes to be quick and pot life is short. So UNIPOXY LINNING is kept at
condition of cool interior instead of hot outside at summer season
(7) UNIPOXY LINNING must be coated with two times (1st : scrapping 0.5mm
coating, 2 nd: main 1.5mm coating) to prevent bubble occurrence due to
concrete void
(8) The prior consultation is necessary in special cases because UNIPOXY
ANTISTATIC is a little limited to color (luminosity: 6∼8, saturation: below
(9) Shelf life of UNIPOXY ANTISTATIC is 1 year but according to color the
precipitation occurs in the receptacle. If the precipitation occurs, it is
recommended to apply after mixing the paint with the high-speed agitator.
(10) In confined spaces, circulate fresh air during application to assist solvent
evaporation and Respiratory protection is recommended.
(11) Keep in mind the top coat UNIPOXY ANTISTATIC could occur the change of
color and chalking at outdoor exposure for the property of epoxy resin.
(12) UNIPOXY ANTISTATIC must be applied with the air spray certainly in order to
get good appearance and the electrical resistance which is provided.
(13) The pot life being over, left-over after using cannot be used and must be
– UNIPOXY PRIMER 100 : 8 hours, UNIPOXY LINNING : 30 minutes,
UNIPOXY ANTISTATIC : 5hours (20℃).

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